The City of Lougheed – Burnaby

December 9, 2018 | By Jenny Wun
This incredible new community will have homes, shops, restaurants, parks, public plazas and a new transit exchange, all within an area the size of 16 city blocks. Residents will belong to an expertly planned metropolis that will attract like-minded people from around the globe with 20 Residential Towers. The City of Lougheed will be designed for diverse experiences, with some neighbourhoods that feel like downtown, and others designed for a quieter lifestyle. This is a central and connected access point for the region, connecting the Millennium Line, the new Evergreen Line Extension, direct-route buses and more. Drawing inspiration from the region’s surrounding greenery, The City of Lougheed will have an organic, park-like feel, from its walkable neighbourhoods to its landscaped green roofs.